Karen E. Conway


I am a recent graduate with a BFA in Interior Design and have been working in commercial interior design for three years after switching gears in my career.

I am a highly organized individual who has run my own graphic design and web business for 8 years. In many ways, I have always been doing something visually based and have a great eye for detail and design, whether on paper, the web or within someone’s working and living space. I am self-motivated and skilled at multi-tasking—I get projects done on time and on budget. I am highly proficient with design oriented computer software (graphics design, CAD, Sketch Up and more), databases, spreadsheets, etc. I am a quick learner with technical and computer based information.

I enjoyed many aspects of running my own business but realize I need the creative give and take of working with others, especially in the interior design field. I love collaborating with others and combining our skills and ‘aha’ moments. I particularly enjoy the larger projects and wide range of styles and clients associated with commercial design.

I am also passionate about sustainable/'green' design and have been awarded LEED AP Interior Design & Construction 2009 accreditation. My first degree was a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University in Journalism and Biology and I had a career with state and national environmental groups in addition to an international non-profit. I also have years of volunteer service with many Albany based environmental organizations. My ideal projects combine great space planning and design with sustainable practices and finishes to make beautiful, functional and healthy environments for us all.

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